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We are committed to providing a safe and healthy place to work. We have safety policies for employees as well as visitors, focused on injury and accident prevention. On the packing floor, we emphasize proper training for specific equipment and have daily meetings to reinforce awareness of safety hazards. We've also developed a system that ensures the proper shut off of machines before and during maintenance.

Our safety record is among the best in our industry and we continue to find ways to promote a culture of safety throughout our operations.
Note: In 2015, reporting requirements changed to include both employees and contractors. The increase in our 2015 health and safety statistics for Incident Rates reflects this change in calculation methodology and so cannot directly be compared with previous years.
Case Study: Worker Safety Award from the State of Georgia

In 2013 and 2014, Chicken of the Sea’s Georgia canning facility was recognized with the Georgia Department of Labor’s Award of Excellence and the Safe Workforce Development Award. These awards are some of the highest level of recognition given by the state and awards outstanding safety performance. The judging panel is comprised of fifteen health and safety officers who evaluate a panel of anonymous companies and judge them on a variety of criteria. 

It has been a very exciting journey to obtain this high honor, having increased our safety team alongside our company’s staff and production growth over the past few years. Although we only started our safety team in 2009, Chicken of the Sea employees have achieved tangible safety results. Some of the most recognizable programs have been the ‘Count-Up to Safety Chart’ that was placed in employee entrances, the ‘Safety Buddy Program’ and a recognition program for employees who promote safety within the workplace. 

As a team we are always looking to improve and we will continue to be vigilant and forward-thinking when it comes to maintaining the highest safety standards for our employees. 

In 2015, we opted not to submit an application for consideration as our performance continues to be excellent. Instead,we focused on additional training for Environment, Health & Safety staff, more engagement with workers on the production floor and a renewed focus on building a culture of safety.
GEDC2424.jpg A line leader trains her team member on the proper operation of the seamer equipment
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