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Sustainability and Human Resources: A Natural Fit

As part of our commitment to drive sustainability into every area of our operations, we ensure that the human aspect of social and environmental responsibility doesn't get overlooked. Our goal is to develop and implement initiatives to tie sustainability expectations into our human resources policies and practices. These efforts are directed in two main areas:
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Integrating sustainability into the employee handbook

The Chicken of the Sea Employee Handbook sets out key rules, regulations and expectations that both management and staff are expected to abide by while employed by the company. We have recently updated the handbook to reflect our most current workplace and sustainability expectations, making it a document that is easily read and understood by all employees, regardless of location and position.
Integrating sustainability into job descriptions

As sustainability takes root in different areas of the company, we’ve also moved to officially recognize social and environmental skills and tasks within job descriptions. By more thoughtfully identifying and integrating sustainability expectations into job descriptions, we can more effectively train, mentor and develop employees' skills in these areas. 
Engaging Employees in Sustainability

In order to best serve our employees, we find it helpful to ensure that we know what their thoughts, goals and concerns are related to our company’s social and environmental efforts. With this concept in mind, we conducted our third annual employee survey regarding internal sustainability issues in the spring of 2016, asking employees about their activities in 2015 and opinions about future sustainability initiatives.

The results continue to confirm earlier findings: employees value our sustainability efforts so far, and the vast majority of employees believe that we should continue to improve and expand our efforts into the future.
Our employees agree that engaging in sustainability initiatives will help attract and attain high-level employees. Not only do nearly 76 percent of our employees agree that environmental management practices attract top talent, but approximately 94 percent also agree that those management practices will be beneficial for future customers.
Looking to the future, employees were also eager to provide input on our upcoming activities and priorities.
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