2015 Sustainability Report

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At Chicken of the Sea, our commitment to environmental responsibility is visible at all levels of our organization. 

  • Our Sustainability Steering Committee, made up of key members of our leadership team, meets regularly to review progress against goals and plot future activities
  • Our canning facility has a weekly management review meeting that includes discussion on environmental issues
  • We are actively involved in discussing sustainability issues with our parent company, including closer collaboration with our parent company in the coming years
  • We participate in external initiatives like the International Sustainable Seafood Foundation (ISSF) to ensure that we are strategically implementing best practices throughout our value chain
  • We work with an external sustainability consultancy to provide overarching guidance on our environmental initiatives, including data tracking, disclosure and sustainability communications
We have taken significant strides to ensure that we are monitoring our water, waste and energy usage within our operations and are actively working to lessen our environmental impact. Because our carbon footprint is significantly impacted by our transportation and logistics activities, we also focus on improving our distribution network to minimize the number of miles that our products need to travel to reach our end consumer.
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