2015 Sustainability Report

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Planning for Sustainability

In 2013, we reviewed and clarified our sustainability strategy. The goal of this exercise was to:

  • Ensure that we understood the global and industry trends impacting our company now and into the future
  • Clearly define what sustainability success means to our operations, our employees and our products
  • Create a sustainability action plan that was meaningful to Chicken of the Sea, but also aligned with our parent company and its sustainability efforts
  • Set ambitious, but attainable, sustainability goals in each of our key focus areas
At the end of 2015, we brought that work to our parent company as Thai Union began the process of clarifying its own sustainability strategy, called Sea Change. Through a series of meetings with the global sustainability team, we discussed setting ambitious corporate-wide environmental and social goals for 2020, informed in part by the work that we have undertaken since 2012 and by the plans we have in the coming years. 

Beginning in 2016, we will start mapping our sustainability initiatives against Sea Change's four pillars: safe and legal labor, marine conservation, responsible sourcing, and caring for our communities. We'll also include a more formal exploration of how our sustainability activities align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
Our Definition of Sustainability Success

Sustainable Operations
  • Achieve annual progress against environmental goals
  • Maintain good standing on labor and community
Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Monitor and engage first-tier suppliers on sustainability issues
  • Align with industry best practices on sustainable sourcing
  • Support efforts to advance sustainability across value chain
Sustainable Products and Services
  • Maintain highest ratings on food safety and quality
  • Improve traceability
Good Governance
  • Dedicate sufficient resources to sustainability planning and oversight
  • Align with best practices on sustainability communications
  • Engage stakeholders on current and emerging sustainability issues
How We Make Decisions on Sustainability Issues
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