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At Chicken of the Sea, stakeholder engagement isn't a one-time event, but an ongoing process of dialogue. As expectations for food companies change, we are constantly reviewing and refining our business and marketing strategy. 

A key element of our success is how well we understand what our stakeholders want and how well we communicate our message back to them. 

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Suppliers and Service Providers

Our supply chain begins on the boats that catch the fish and continues through processing, storage, transport and packing.

How do we communicate?
  • We communicate with our suppliers in a variety of ways, from basic policies that set out our expectations to multi-day onsite visits to walk through their facilities and delve into their practices and capabilities.
What do they want from us?
  • Our suppliers want our business at a fair price and with consistent expectations. They are usually open to our sustainability-related requests, but may need help along the way.
What do we want from them?
  • We seek suppliers that understand their sustainability impacts and make authentic efforts to minimize those impacts across the entire product life cycle.
Community and Advocacy Groups

Responsibly-harvested seafood is a topic of great interest to a variety of advocacy groups. We are also actively involved in our local communities' social causes.

How do we communicate?
  • We spend a significant amount of time understanding communities' and advocates' concerns and providing information about our policies and practices. That includes feedback through surveys, help lines and social media - but also in-person dialogue, financial support for community initiatives, and volunteer efforts from our employees.
What do they want from us?
  • These stakeholders want to know that we've heard and understand their concerns and that we're doing what is within our power to find solutions that benefit all parties involved.
What do we want from them?
  • We welcome thoughtful, constructive dialogue with our civil society counterparts and appreciate fruitful engagement.
Customers and Consumers

Our products are sold in nearly every class of trade from grocery stores, convenience stores and "big box" stores, to hospitals, restaurants and schools.

How do we communicate?
  • Our sales team is highly engaged with our customers and host regular visits to our Georgia canning facility. We also participate in trade shows and other industry events, where we can interact with our peers and spot trends in packaged foods. Through our website, online newsletter, 24/7 hotline, Facebook page and Twitter feed, we are able to provide information on our company and our products.
What do they want from us?
  • We see sustainability issues beginning to play a larger part in customers questions (and consumers to a lesser extent) and are planning our engagement efforts accordingly.
What do we want from them?
  • We want Chicken of the Sea products to be recognized as a healthy, safe and responsible part of a weekly menu.
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