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At Chicken of the Sea, our commitment to sustainability starts at the top. Our Chief Executive Officer is actively involved in developing and executing our sustainability strategy and our executive leadership team continues to drive environmental and social responsibility efforts throughout all areas of the company.

Since 2014 our Sustainability Leadership Committee, comprising senior executives including our CEO, VP Finance and IT, SVP Marketing, and VP Production and Process Improvement, meets on a regular basis to review progress against goals, refine strategy, ensure coordination and oversight, and coordinate our internal sustainability efforts with stakeholder engagement and communication.

We take our obligation to follow all relevant laws and regulations seriously. In the adjacent chart, we have outlined our compliance record on a number of sustainability-related issues.
* Information regarding the above listed legal complaints is outlined in the section below. 
No Legal Complaints Against Chicken of the Sea


Food Safety & Quality - In May 2012, a lawsuit was filed against Chicken of the Sea International and several other seafood companies alleging violation of the California Proposition 65 warning requirement for lead in its Whole Oyster products. The Proposition states that businesses must notify customers about exposure to certain chemicals in the products they purchase. Chicken of the Sea admitted to no wrongdoing or liability, but agreed to a settlement in order to avoid litigation. The Company agreed to pay $97,133 in June 2014.

Marketing & Advertising - In 2012, three California counties filed suit against major canned tuna brands, including Chicken of the Sea, for mislabeling the amount of tuna contained in a can. The dispute centered around the FDA's 55-year-old pressed weight standard. Rather than litigate against an outdated standard, the companies settled for a collective $3.3 million and will continue their own efforts with the FDA towards establishing a more modern, consistent and reliable standard of measurement that can be easily understood and verified by consumers.

Marketing & Advertising - In 2013, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed a complaint against Chicken of the Sea with the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council. The complaint alleged, among other things, that we were improperly using the Dolphin-Safe label on our products. Based on previous findings by the FTC, which had ruled in 2012 on a similar case, we opted not to respond to the challenge and we stand behind our use of the label.

No Legal Complaints Against Chicken of the Sea.

Environment - In 2015, we discovered that we did not have a required permit to discharge to the municipal water treatment system. We are in the process of obtaining the appropriate permit, and we have paid a consent order of $30,000, which serves as a temporary permit allowing us to continue operations until we satisfy the action plan. We are currently in the process of renewing our LAS (Land Application System) permit and working on Corrective Action Plan to ensure our permits are up to date and our action plan is completed.

Labor & Workforce - In 2015, a class action lawsuit was filed against Chicken of the Sea, Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods, and Thai Union Group alleging forced labor may have been used in the indirect supply chain to procure its seafood products. The court dismissed the original lawsuit on its own motion due to its dismissal of a nearly identical case earlier in the year. The plaintiff has appealed the dismissal.

Marketing & Advertising - In 2015, Chicken of the Sea along with other seafood producers, was named in a civil class action lawsuit. The plaintiffs are various retailers, grocery stores, and consumers that allegedly purchased packaged seafood products from these companies. The claims allege a conspiracy to fix, raise, maintain, and/or stabilize prices for these products in violation of various state, antitrust, consumer protection, deceptive trade practices, and unfair competition statutes.

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