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I am proud to introduce Chicken of the Sea’s 2015 Sustainability Report, our annual accounting of our social and environmental impacts.

We continue to make excellent progress against our 2020 sustainability goals. This year, we hit our water reduction goal and continue to exceed our waste minimization goal, with almost half of our waste-per-can eliminated from the landfill. Our progress in reducing electricity and moderating our natural gas use is ongoing, as we seek out ways to maximize our manufacturing efficiency.

Similarly, we are ahead of schedule on our supply chain auditing program, meeting our 2020 goal to complete independent audits of 90 percent of our seafood procurement spend on a rolling three-year basis. Our decision to add coaching and support for suppliers undergoing the audit process is paying dividends, and we are seeing factories move to rapidly address any lapses that are found during the audit process. Even more importantly, the capacity building process is helping suppliers to develop management systems to prevent such lapses from occurring in the future.

Responsible seafood sourcing continues to be a key priority, and in 2015 we’ve worked closely with our parent company, Thai Union, to develop a comprehensive Tuna Roadmap. This Roadmap outlines aggressive goals for sustainable fishing practices and marine conservation that build on the work we’ve already done on our own and through collaboration with non-profit organizations like the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF).

Although we believe our current sourcing practices and detailed roadmap for the future place us in a sustainability leadership role, we know that not everyone agrees. Greenpeace continues to campaign against us, advocating for practices that we believe miss the larger point and are not in line with other NGOs or scientific findings. As we seek to find common ground, we are unwavering in our position that sustainable sourcing decisions must be made on the basis of scientific evidence.

As I end my tenure as CEO of Chicken of the Sea and move to a new role as Executive Director of Thai Union, North America, I look forward to sharing lessons of our successes with other Thai Union companies so that we can continue to improve together. 

Shue Wing Chan, Outgoing President/CEO
Chicken of the Sea International

As I take the helm as the new President and CEO of Chicken of the Sea, it has been fascinating to see all of the ways that sustainability is embedded into the company’s culture, decision-making processes and product portfolio. Executives and managers in every department integrate environmental and social considerations into the way that we do business—and we are stronger for it.

As I look ahead, I see three main priorities as we seek to implement our sustainability strategy. First, we need to do a better job of telling consumers our sustainability story. Sometimes we are so busy doing the work that we forget to tell our stakeholders about it. In 2016, you’ll see us increase our consumer engagement on sustainability through our website and social media platforms.

Second, we will be increasing our direct engagement with our customers, who are becoming more engaged on seafood sustainability criteria. We are ramping up communication through sustainability road shows and monthly webinars, and the results are already starting to pay off as we find ways to partner with key customers in promoting sustainable products and practices.

Finally, we must continue to engage our employees on sustainability. Each person, regardless of their job description, seniority or responsibilities should understand what sustainability means to Chicken of the Sea and how they can support our commitment to environmental and social responsibility through their individual actions.

It’s an exciting time for food companies to be working on sustainability goals, and I’m eager to lead that effort here at Chicken of the Sea. I look forward to sharing our ongoing progress with you as we move forward.

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Valentin Ramirez, Incoming President/CEO
Chicken of the Sea International
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