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Chicken of the Sea’s history dates back a century, when fishermen referred to the white albacore tuna as “Chicken of the Sea” because the white color and very mild flavor reminded them of chicken. Since 1952, the Chicken of the Sea brand and iconic Mermaid logo have been known worldwide.

Consumers have come to know Chicken of the Sea as synonymous with health, nutrition and convenience through the variety of seafood products (tuna, salmon and specialty seafood) the company provides. Providing consumers these three values—health, nutrition and convenience—are the company’s hallmarks and standards by which we ensure confidence among consumers.

In addition, we are a proud supplier to all segments of the foodservice industry, from schools and convenience stores to health care centers and restaurants.
Commitment to Sustainability

At Chicken of the Sea, we pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to operating a socially and environmentally responsible business. We realize that our sustainability obligations don’t end when the seafood is caught, but extend all the way through the processing, packaging and delivery to our customers.

While our commitment to sustainability goes back decades, it is only since 2011 that we have embarked on a comprehensive sustainability strategy, built around four pillars:

  • In our facilities, we're committed to measuring and reducing energy, waste and water usage - as well as promoting a healthy and safe workplace
  • In engaging our employees, we're making sure that sustainability expectations are clear and that individual workers are empowered to support our corporate efforts
  • Our products are healthy, nutritious and an important part of a balanced diet - and we are increasingly looking at environmental impacts across the product life cycle. From supporting responsible fishing practices to recycled-content packaging materials, we constantly seek ways to improve the products that we deliver.
  • Our suppliers are an essential part of the business. Even though we don't own and operate fishing boats, transport vehicles, or third-party processing and packing facilities, we promote environmental and social responsibility through our supply chain efforts.
Our Mission

  • Become America's Favorite Seafood Company

Our Shared Values

  • Golden Rule: Respect for Ourselves and Each Other
  • Accountability: Own our Commitments and Responsibilities
  • Team: Collaborate When Working Together
  • Results: Achieve our Individual and Team Goals

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Significantly improve Profit
  • Drive Operational Excellence across the business
  • Be the Innovation Leader in the seafood category
  • Diversify business to evolve current business model
  • Create a positive Culture that promotes excellence
  • Become the Brands of choice that consumers desire and trust
Organizational Structure

Headquartered in San Diego, California, we source seafood products from all around the globe and package many of those products in our 200,000 square foot canning facility in Lyons, Georgia. 

We are led by a team of industry veterans with more than 300 years of collective experience in the packaged seafood industry. 
Part of a Larger Whole

Chicken of the Sea is a subsidiary of Thai Union Frozen Products, Public Co. Ltd., Thailand’s largest canned and frozen seafood producer and the world’s largest canned tuna producer. It is also one of our largest suppliers of fish and seafood. We are committed to supporting Thai Union's global sustainability strategy, called Sea Change. Sea Change is focused on three overarching objectives:

  • The seas are sustainable now and for future generations, through our work to improve fisheries;
  • Our workers are safe, legally employed and empowered;
  • The vessels we buy from are legal and operate responsibly.
Sea Change is an integrated plan of initiatives, designed to ensure Thai Union delivers against its own expanding sustainability objectives and, in the process, drive meaningful improvements across the entire global seafood industry.
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